Two Guys Talking Rush

EPISODE TWENTY NINE: Two Guys Talking Rush/ Pt.1 Richard Chycki

Episode Summary

Episode 29 Yes folks, its another killer episode of the Two Guys Talking Rush Podcast! Another occasion where Handsome Johnny and Delightful Dan get down and dirty about all things RUSH! This week’s guest is the legendary multi-platinum mixing engineer Richard Chycki! From his extraordinary work with Dream Theater and Aerosmith, then onto his 26 Gold and Platinum records with Rush! It is no secret that Richard Chycki is an indisputable veteran of the rock scene. Word on the street is that Chycki used over 40 mics on Neil Peart's massive drum array alone! As a result, the Toronto-based engineer/mixer has become known for his intricate musical production. Tune in for another adventurous interview and learn something new about your favorite band ~ RUSH! Thank you Rush fans for all of your support! John & Dan Please support our podcast on Patreon if you can: