Two Guys Talking Rush

EPISODE TWENTY THREE: Two Guys Talking Rush/Pt 1. Howard Ungerleider

Episode Summary

Hello Rush Community! Whats shakin' ? Thanks for tuning in... In this weeks episode of 2GTR the dynamic due (aka John & Dan) reflect on the one year anniversary of Neil Peart's passing :( We also continue with the “Behind the Lighted Stage” series where we speak to those who made Rush the extraordinary live band they are famous for. In this episode Kane speaks to the master pioneer light design director who gave the band that magic sparkle on stage his name is Howard “Herns” Ungerleider! The story goes that In the summer of 1974, Ungerleider was sent to Canada by his company ATI (American Talent International) to help a new band as they started touring regularly. That band was Rush and ever since Ungerleider played a crucial role in the success of their tours and production for nearly 40 years. Welcome Howard “Herns” Ungerleider to 2GTR! Rush Rules! But you already knew that... J&D